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styles TrvActionStyleTemplates

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TrvActionStyleTemplates is the action for "Format | Styles" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionStyleTemplates = class(TrvAction)



This action is enabled only if Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True.

The action shows a dialog window allowing to manage style templates: to add, to delete, to modify properties, to import (from the special format, DocX, RTF, HTML, and RVF files), to export (to the special format).

When shown initially, the dialog window displays a style template of the current text in the editor.

You can define initial properties of standard style templates using StandardStyleTemplates property.

You can customize the appearance of the dialog window using Images, TextStyleImageIndex, ParaStyleImageIndex, ParaTextStyleImageIndex properties.

By default, the style import and export dialogs use localized names of RVF files (*.rvf) and of files containing style templates (*.rvst). If you assign GetControlPanel.RVFLocalizable, you can change them in the control panel properties: RVFFilter, RVStylesFilter, RVStylesExt.

This action is used by other actions:

TrvActionAddStyleTemplate (to open a dialog window)

TrvActionInsertHyperlink (to get default properties of "Hyperlink" style template)