TrvActionStyleTemplates.TextStyleImageIndex, ParaStyleImageIndex, ParaTextStyleImageIndex

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TrvActionStyleTemplates.TextStyleImageIndex, ParaStyleImageIndex, ParaTextStyleImageIndex

The properties define image indices for icons in the tree-view containing a list of styles.

property TextStyleImageIndex: Integer;

property ParaStyleImageIndex: Integer;

property ParaTextStyleImageIndex: Integer;

If Images is assigned, and at least one of these properties >= 0, the tree-view in the style management dialog window uses these images:

TextStyleImageIndex for style templates having Kind=rvstkText (and a tree node used as a root of for such style templates);

ParaStyleImageIndex for style templates having Kind=rvstkPara;

ParaTextStyleImageIndex for style templates having Kind=rvstkParaText.

Additionally, ImageIndex of this action is used for the root tree node.

Default value: