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Images for icons in the styles dialog window.

property Images: TCustomImageList;

If Images is not assigned:

the tree-view containing a list of styles uses standard 16-color icons;

a description of styles is displayed without icons.

If Images is assigned:

if at least one of TextStyleImageIndex, ParaStyleImageIndex, ParaTextStyleImageIndex >=0, Images and these image indices are used in the tree-view; ImageIndex of this action is used for the root tree node;

the component searches for the instances of TrvActionFontEx, TrvActionParagraph, TrvActionParaBorder, TrvActionInsertHyperlink actions on the same form; if found, Images and the image indices of these actions are used in a style description.

Images are used in the style import dialog window as well.

Generally, you should assign the same TImageList component as used for TActionList/TActionManager containing this action.