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Contains a list of style templates used as samples of standard style templates.

property StandardStyleTemplates: TRVStyleTemplateCollection;

When an user adds a standard style template in the dialog, the action searches in StandardStyleTemplates for a style template having this name. If found, the action uses properties of the StandardStyleTemplates' item as initial values for the added style template. It not found, the action uses hard-coded values as initial properties.

The following names are used for standard styles: 'Normal', 'Normal Indent', 'No Spacing', 'heading 1'...'heading 9', 'List Paragraph', 'Hyperlink', 'Title', 'Subtitle', 'Emphasis', 'Subtle Emphasis', 'Intense Emphasis', 'Strong', 'Quote', 'Intense Quote', 'Subtle Reference', 'Intense Reference', 'Block Text', 'HTML Variable', 'HTML Code', 'HTML Acronym', 'HTML Definition', 'HTML Keyboard', 'HTML Sample', 'HTML Typewriter', 'HTML Preformatted', 'HTML Cite', 'header', 'footer', 'page number', 'endnote reference', 'footnote reference', 'endnote text', 'footnote text'. Names are case sensitive. These names are not shown to users, their localized versions are shown instead.

Values in this collection are measured in GetControlPanel.UnitsProgram.

This property may also be used by TrvActionInsertHyperlink, when it adds "Hyperlink" style template.

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