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A collection of style templates for assigning to new documents.

property StyleTemplates: TRVStyleTemplateCollection;

This property is used:

when TrvActionNew is executed

when TrvActionOpen (linked to this action) clears a target editor before loading a file.

Values in this collection are measured in GetControlPanel.UnitsProgram.

If style templates are used (i.e. the target editor's UseStyleTemplates=True), the action:

1.deletes all items in TextStyles, ParaStyles, ListStyles;

2.adds one paragraph style; if StyleTemplates contain "Normal" style template, it is applied to this paragraph style;

3.adds one text style; if StyleTemplates contain "Normal" style template, this text style is formatted accordingly.

srv_icon ScaleRichView note: for TSRichViewEdit, this the action performs similar operations with its header and footer. However, instead of "Normal", the action uses "header" style template for RVHeader, and "footer" style template for RVFooter properties.

Default value:

By default, the property contains the following style templates: "Normal", "heading 1", "heading 2", "heading 3", "Hyperlink", "header", "footer", "footnote reference", "endnote reference", "footnote text", "endnote text", "caption".

"header" and "footer" are not used by TRichViewEdit (used only in ScaleRichView), so you can delete these items.

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