Overview | Style Templates

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Overview | Style Templates

Several actions work differently depending on the value of UseStyleTemplates property of the target editor.

TrvActionNew, TrvActionOpen

If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True, TrvActionNew resets the Editor.Style's TextStyles and ParaStyles according to StyleTemplates, and clears its ListStyles.

If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=False, TrvActionNew does not reset styles; it may only delete unused styles (if GetControlPanel.AutoDeleteUnusedStyles=True). If you want to reset styles, use OnNew event.

TrvActionOpen uses its linked TrvActionNew to perform the same operations before loading.


If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True, the action displays additional options for pasting RTF and RVF documents:

"apply styles of the target document"

"keep styles and appearance"

"keep appearance, ignore styles".

The action temporarily changes Editor.StyleTemplateInsertMode according to the chosen option.


If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True, the action applies StyleTemplateName to hyperlinks (or clears a style template when it converts hyperlinks to a plain text). The dialog window allows choosing a style template to apply to a hyperlink.

If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=False, the action applies its properties listed in ValidProperties (or applies properties of Editor.Style.TextStyles[0] when it converts hyperlinks to a plain text). The dialog window allows choosing colors and effects to apply to a hyperlink.

TrvActionRemoveHyperlinks is affected as well.

TrvActionClearFormat, TrvActionClearTextFormat

If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True, the actions clear formatting according to style templates (applying "Normal" to paragraphs, clearing styles from normal text, applying "Hyperlink" to hyperlinks, resetting additional attributes).

If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=False, the actions apply Editor.Style.TextStyles[0] and Editor.Style.ParaStyles[0].

TrvActionStyleTemplates, TrvActionAddStyleTemplate

These actions are enabled only if Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True.

TrvActionInsertFootnote, TrvActionInsertEndnote, TrvActionInsertSidenote

If Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True, TrvActionInsertFootnote inserts footnote characters using "footnote reference" style template, and formats footnote text using "footnote text" style template. TrvActionInsertEndnote uses "endnote reference" and "endnote text" style templates, TrvActionInsertSidenote uses RefStyleTemplateName ("Sidenote Reference" by default) and StyleTemplateName ("Sidenote Text" by default) style templates.

"footnote reference", "footnote text", "endnote reference", "endnote text" are included in TrvActionNew.StyleTemplates by default. "Sidenote Reference" and "Sidenote Text" are not included.

srv_icon ScaleRichView: TsrvActionInsertFootnote, TsrvActionInsertEndnote, TsrvActionInsertSidenote use the same style templates.


TrvActionInsertCaption uses "caption" style template. It is included in TrvActionNew.StyleTemplates by default.