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Defines the name of a style template for applying to hyperlinks.

property StyleTemplateName: TRVUnicodeString;

This property is used only if style templates are used (i.e. the target editor's UseStyleTemplates=True).

This property may be changed by an user in the dialog window.

This style template must be a text style template (Kind=rvskText), otherwise it will not be listed in a dialog window.

To get a style template for a hyperlink, the action performs the following steps:

1.The action searches in the target editor's Style.StyleTemplates for the style template named StyleTemplateName. If found, it is used. Otherwise,

2.The action searches for "Hyperlink" style template. If found, it is used. Otherwise,

3.If AutoAddHyperlinkStyleTemplate=True, the action adds "Hyperlink" style template to the target editor's Style.StyleTemplates. Properties of this new style templates may be taken from the linked TrvActionStyleTemplates action, if it has "Hyperlink" in its StandardStyleTemplates; otherwise, the action uses hard-coded default values.

Default value: