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The methods for camera movement (rotation), if the camera supports movement.

function MoveStop : Boolean;

function MoveLeft : Boolean;

function MoveLeftStop : Boolean;

function MoveRight : Boolean;

function MoveRightStop : Boolean;

function MoveUp : Boolean;

function MoveUpStop : Boolean;

function MoveDown : Boolean;

function MoveDownStop : Boolean;

function MoveLeftUp : Boolean;

function MoveLeftDown : Boolean;

function MoveRightUp : Boolean;

function MoveRightDown : Boolean;

function MoveHPatrol : Boolean;

function MoveHPatrolStop : Boolean;

function MoveVPatrol : Boolean;

function MoveVPatrolStop : Boolean;

function MoveCenter : Boolean;

The methods start or stop movement to the specified direction, vertical or horizontal patrolling.

Wait mode: the methods return only when the command is executed. Return value: the movement command was successfully sent to the camera.

No-wait mode: the method initializes a thread (for sending the command to the camera) and returns immediately. Return value: False. When the command is complete, OnMoved event occurs.

The methods take FlipHorizontally and FlipVertically into account.