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A name of data field corresponding to this level of the cross-tab table.

property FieldName: TRVUnicodeString;

Primarily, this property is used when processing records produced by executing a row generation rule's DataQuery. A record is matched to columns of this level of the cross-tab table, if its FieldName field contains a value equal to the value corresponding to these columns.

Additionally, this field can be used:

when displaying a value corresponding to columns of this level of the cross-tab table (see cross-tab heading field syntax); see also CaptionFieldName;

when generating columns of this level of the cross-tab table in the following cases:

oif TRVReportTableItemInfo.CrossTabulation.ColumnGenerationType = rvcgtDataQuerySeparate or rvcgtDataQueryCascade, and DataQueryFieldName is empty;

oif TRVReportTableItemInfo.CrossTabulation.ColumnGenerationType = rvcgtAutoSeparate or rvcgtAutoGroup.

This field must be of one of the following types:





rvrftDateTime, rvrftDate, rvrftTime

Default value:

'' (empty string)

See also

Definitions of Report Workshop terms