TRVReportTableItemInfo.SelectedRule, CrossTabSelected

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TRVReportTableItemInfo.SelectedRule, CrossTabSelected

A rule (or a cross tabulation header) to highlight as a selected one.

property SelectedRule: TRVRowGenerationCustomRule;

property CrossTabSelected: Boolean;

Assign one of RowGenerationRules or their SubRules to SelectedRule to draw a border around it.

Assign True to CrossTabSelected to draw a border around the cross tabulation header.

These properties are used only when highlighting is enabled.

A border is drawn around the cells of the selected rule / cross-tab header.

Special cases:

an additional thin border is drawn around source cells, if the rule defines column copying;

when drawing a border for a nested rule, it includes the leftmost and rightmost cells, while background filling does not.

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