New in v11.0

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New in v11.0

Compatibility issues

TSRichViewEdit.SelectAll now selects in ActiveEditor instead of RichViewEdit.

The following properties of TSRichViewEdit were removed: ExternalRV, ExternalRVH, ExternalRVF, ExternalRVN. External TRVStyle components still can be used.

RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

Delphi and C++Builder 11 Alexandria are supported.

Improved zooming

If TSRichViewEdit.PageProperty.AutoWidth = True, TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.ZoomPercent is applied to document content (not to pages). In this mode, to apply changed ZoomPercent, the editor needs to reformat the whole document. Because of this, for large documents, fast multiple changes of ZoomPercent may be a problem.

Since this version, when zooming is initiated by a mouse wheel or a track bar on a zooming panel, the editor enters in a special zooming mode. The zooming percent is displayed using TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.ZoomFont. ZoomPercent is assigned when the user finishes using a mouse wheel / trackbar.

Shared TRVStyle properties

TRVStyle of internal TRichViewEdit objects in TSRichViewEdit component now share all properties (except for collections of text, paragraph, and list styles). If you change a property of one of these TRVStyle objects, you change this property in all of them.

For example, if you assign SRichViewEdit1.RichViewEdit.Style.SelOpacity, this change affects not only the main document editor, but also editors of headers, footers, and notes.

End-user help

HelpContext and HelpKeyword are assigned to a page setup dialog.