New after v9.0

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New after v9.0

Compatibility issues



New UI translation: Slovenian.

Smooth scrolling

A new optional parameter is added to TSRichViewEdit methods: ScrollToItem, ScrollToCaret, ScrollCaretToCenter, ReturnToNote. It is False by default.

Since this version, the actions use smooth scrolling:

when scrolling to a checkpoint,

when editing a note or a text box (switching between a note document and a note itself)

when activating headers/footers


SRVControls are ported to Lazarus, Windows platform (except for TSRVMediaPlayer).

New data-aware versions of SRVControls:

srvdbcheckbox TSRVDBCheckBox – data-aware check box;

srvdbcombobox TSRVDBComboBox – data-aware combo box;

srvdbedit TSRVDBEdit – data-aware plain-text one-line editor;

srvdblistbox TSRVDBListBox – data-aware scrollable list of items;

srvdbmemo TSRVDBMemo – data-aware plain-text multi-line editor;

srvdbtext TSRVDBText – data-aware text label.

New property for TSRVListBox and TSRVComboBox: UseSelectedImagesInHotState. It specifies which image indexes are used for highlighted items.

Other changes

New TSRichViewEdit event: OnTextFound.

New TSRichViewEdit property: MarkdownProperties.