New in v9.0

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New in v9.0

Compatibility issues

Changes in ScaleRichView

The following properties were moved:

AlignPageH, AlignPageV from TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty to PagePosProperty

MaxPageColCount from TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty to PagePosProperty

The following properties were removed:

from TSRichViewEdit.PageProperty: BoundLeftRight (replaced by PagePosProperty.HPadding), PageBreakHeight, MinPageBreakHeight, MaxPageBreakHeight (replaced by PagePosProperty.PageVSpacing)

from TsrvActionLayoutDraft: BoundLeftRight (replaced by HPadding)

from TsrvActionLayoutPrint: BoundLeftRight (replaced by HPadding)

Changes in SRVControls

SRVControls and TSRVTabSet have a new default appearance (see SRVControlStyle properties)

In TSRVTabSet, TextAlignH and TextAlignV do not affect icons positions anymore; they depend only on BiDiMode and MirrorText.

In TSRVEdit and TSRVComboBox, types of parameters are changed in OnEditHints (Text and EditHints parameters) and OnCloseHints (NewText parameter).

New development environments

RAD Studio 10.3 compatibility

Lazarus compatibility (Windows 32 and Windows 64 platforms)

Zooming, high DPI

ScaleRichView does not assign the global variable RichViewPixelsPerInch = 96 anymore. Moreover, it's recommended to leave RichViewPixelsPerInch at the default state, to allow zooming relative to the actual screen DPI.

Zooming is changed: previously, pages were scaled relative to 96 DPI. Since this version, pages are scaled relative to the screen DPI. Since this version, *100Pix properties do not necessary correspond to 100% zoom: now they correspond to 100% zoom in 96 DPI.

Zooming panel appearance is changed in the mode TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.IconStyle = srvisFlat.

TSRichViewEdit supports high-DPI display modes, "per monitor" and "per monitor v2" modes (if they are supported by an application).

You can specify whether toolbars should scale image according to the screen DPI: new ScaleImagesForDPI property is added to TSRVToolbar, TSRVToolWindow, TSRichViewEdit.MenuHorizontal and TSRichViewEdit.MenuVertical.

New demo projects for RAD Studio 10.3 are added: Delphi\ActionTestTabs_MultiRes and CBuilderUnicode\ActionTestTabs_MultiRes. They use virtual image lists (containing 16x16, 32x32 and selected 64x64 images) and support "per monitor v2" mode.

Page positioning

New TSRichViewEdit property is added: PagePosProperty: TSRVPagePositionProperty. It contains sub-properties controlling arrangement of pages in the editor.


All additional components (that can be inserted in TSRichViewEdit or used on a form) are updated: TSRVTabSet, TSRVScrollBar, and all SRVControls.

Main improvements:

the components support high-dpi screen modes;

the components support bi-directional texts (BiDiMode property is published and completely supported);

all text properties are Unicode (TRVUnicodeString) in controls in all versions of Delphi;

new default appearance: modern flat look, smooth antialiased lines (antialiasing requires Delphi XE2+);

old appearance can be returned using SRVControlStyle property (the only control that has the old appearance by default is TSRVScrollBar); but the old appearance is improved as well;

TSRVMemo and TSRVEdit are rewritten completely; since this version, they are not based on standard memo and edit controls, they are implemented from scratch. TSRVMemo supports scroll bars;

SkinFontIndex property is added to TSRVEdit, TSRVMemo, TSRVButton, TSRVCheckBox, TSRVRadioButton, TSRVPanel, TSRVGroupBox to allow using fonts defined in TSRVSkinManager component.

New property for TSRVTabSet: OppositeTabPosition

Other changes

Type of string properties is changed to TRVUnicodeString.

TSRVPrint.PrintMode = srvpTiles works differently if ScaleRichView document does not fit the paper sheet. Now it scales down the page to fit paper, and tries to print multiple copies of this scaled down page.

new method TSRichViewEdit.ConvertToEMU