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Defines spacing between lines in paragraphs of this style


  TRVLineSpacingValue = type Integer;

property LineSpacing: TRVLineSpacingValue;

(Introduced in version 1.5)

The meaning of the property depends on the value of LineSpacingType property.

If LineSpacingType is rvlsPercent, this property defines line height in percent of normal line height (a height of the highest character in a line, heights of pictures and controls are not taken into account). Additional space will be added below the line (including the last paragraph line). For example, LineSpacing=100 means single spacing (no additional space will be added), LineSpacing=200 means double spacing. Values lesser than 50 are ignored.

With other values LineSpacingType, this value is measured either in screen pixels (when printing, it is recalculated according to the printer resolution) or in twips, depending on Units of TRVStyle component which owns this paragraph style.

If LineSpacingType is rvlsSpaceBetween, this value  will be added below each line (including the last line in a paragraph). Negative values are ignored.

If LineSpacingType is rvlsLineHeightAtLeast, this property defines minimal line height. If the actual line height (including all pictures and controls) is less than this value, additional spacing is added (below and above the line).

If LineSpacingType is rvlsLineHeightExact, this property defines line height. If the actual line height (including all pictures and controls) is not equal to this value, additional spacing is added/subtracted (below and above the line).

Default value: