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Returns information required to access item by its hypertext id.

procedure GetJumpPointLocation(id: Integer;

  out RVData: TCustomRVFormattedDataout ItemNo: Integer);

(introduced in version 1.4)

Input parameter

id identifier of the hypertext link; links are numbered sequentially starting from FirstJumpNo.

Output parameters

RVData and ItemNo define location of the hypertext item with the given hypertext id.

Hypertext item is the ItemNo-th item in RVData object.

RVData is a RichView document. It can be RichView.RVData, table cell, or RVData of cell inplace-editor.

If there is no jump with such id, the method returns -1 in ItemNo.


Note: this function contains some calculations inside (iterations through hyperlinks, from the first link to the requested one)


For TCustomRichViewEdit, if ReadOnly=False, this function always returns -1 (except for calling it from inside OnWriteHyperlink, OnJump or OnRVMouseMove).


See also:

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