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TRVStyle.GetAsPixels, GetAsTwips, GetAsDifferentUnits, GetAsRVUnits

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The methods return Value converted to different units of measurement.

function GetAsPixels(Value: TRVStyleLength): Integer;

function GetAsTwips(Value: TRVStyleLength): Integer;

function GetAsDifferentUnits(Value: TRVStyleLength; Units: TRVStyleUnits): TRVStyleLength;

function GetAsRVUnits(Value: TRVStyleLength; RVUnits: TRVUnits): TRVLength;

(introduced in version 13)

The methods return Value converted from Units to

screen pixels,


another Units (twips or pixels),

RVUnits (inches, mm, points, etc.)


When converting to/from pixels, RichViewPixelsPerInch is taken into account.

See also:

*ToUnits methods;

ConvertTo* methods.

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