New in version 1.8

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New in version 1.8

Compatibility issues

Changes that can affect existing code:

OnHTMLSaveImage is called for tables to save background image;

OnHTMLSaveImage is called to save cell background image; in this case, parameter ItemNo = -1; you can distinguish saving of document background and cell background by RVData parameter.

MaxTextWidth property does not include left and right margins any more, so now it works according to the help file;

parameters are changed in OnChanging event (should not be a problem because this event is rarely used);

table.OnDrawBorder event has two new parameters: Row and Col;

changes in rvteoHTMLCode and rvteoRTFCode (Options of text style);

TRichView does not use font external leading any more (it may add extra spacing between lines), so its line spacing just like in TRichViewEdit now.

default selection mode: select by words;

RVF version number is changed from 1.2 to 1.3 (see RVF specification); new version of RVF is not completely compatible with the old version (new version of TRichView can read old RVF; old versions of TRichView may not read new RVF);

rvprSticking protection option meaning was changed (split into 3 rvprStick*** options).


See overview.

Background images for tables and cells

table.BackgroundImage, BackgroundStyle;

cell.BackgroundImage, BackgroundStyle.

Resizing pictures and controls with mouse

By default, all pictures and hot-pictures can be resized with the mouse (except for TIcon-s).

By default, controls cannot be resized. But you can explicitly allow resizing for the given control, if you set its rvepResizable property to non-zero value. See also SelectControl method.

You can disallow resizing in the given RichViewEdit by including rvoNoImageResize in its EditorOptions property.

Extra items' integer properties

rvepSpacing spacing around the item (image or control);

rvepResizable allows resizing the given control with the mouse;

rvepDeleteProtect protects the non-text item from deletion in editing operations.

Printing and preview

ColorMode property for TRVPrint and TRVReportHelper: allows black and white or grayscale printing/previewing for color documents;

much more accurate print preview;

new properties of TRVPrintPreview: ClickMode, Color, PageBorderColor, PageBorderWidth, ShadowColor, ShadowWidth.


new line selection mode, see TRVStyle.LineSelectCursor

defining visual appearance of selection, see TRVStyle.SelectionStyle

defining selection mode, see TRVStyle.SelectionMode


tags can contain space characters;

in text-mode RVF, TRichView saves text RVF files even if the document contains Unicode text (text files can be edited in text editors)

ability to save arbitrary additional text strings (DocProperties).

HTML export

by default, all images are saved in HTMLs as Jpegs. This is obviously undesirable if images already have formats recognizable by web browsers (such as Gif or Png). Now you can specify graphic formats that must not be converted to Jpeg on HTML export, using RV_RegisterHTMLGraphicFormat procedure.

OnSaveHTMLExtra event now allows to insert HTML code before the </body> tag;

new OnSaveParaToHTML, OnSaveImage2, OnSaveItemToFile events;

new options for HTML export;

OnWriteHyperlink event supersedes OnURLNeeded.

RTF export

OnWriteHyperlink event supersedes OnURLNeeded;

new OnSaveItemToFile event.

RTF import

import of DDB (device dependent bitmaps);

using some advanced RTF features when importing images from RTF saved by MS Word 2000+.

more special RTF characters are recognized

new event: OnImportPicture

DB controls

new event: TDBRichViewEdit.OnNewDocument;

new property: TDBRichViewEdit.IgnoreEscape.

Other improvements

TRVReportHelper.OnDrawHyperlink event;

default text styles for paragraph styles (TParaInfo.DefStyleNo);

improvements in processing of bidirectional text;

new action in OnItemAction event: rviaInserted;

faster redrawing on editing;

previously reserved break styles are implemented;

RefreshListMarkers method.