New in version 1.9

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New in version 1.9

Compatibility issues

TRVStyle.CurrentItemColor is used for drawing frame around the current item instead of TRVStyle.HoverColor.

ApplyTextStyle, ApplyParaStyle, ApplyStyleConversion, ApplyParaStyleConversion are applied to cells of all selected tables.

OnSaveImage2 event: ImageSaveNo is declared as a var-parameter (it does not make sense otherwise)

RTF export: only Standard styles can be exported as style sheet.

Default value of RVStyle.SpacesInTab is changed from 8 to 0.

Default value of TRichViewEdit.EditorOptions is changed from [rvoClearTagOnStyleApp] to [rvoWantTabs, rvoCtrlJumps].

New characters are added to default value of Delimiters property.

New: tab stops

Tabs properties of paragraph style defining tab stops.

TRVStyle.DefTabWidth defines default distance between tab stops.

TRVStyle.SpacesInTab: if equals to 0, methods for adding/inserting multiline text, RTF, and Tab key inserts tabulator (item of special type). If this property has positive value, all these methods work like before (inserting several spaces in place of tabs).

TRichView.AddTab, TRichViewEdit.InsertTab adds/inserts tabulator

New: Live spelling check

See overview topic

New in TRichView

VAlign property, ClientToDocument method;

rvoShowSpecialCharacters in Options;

BeginOleDrag allows drag&drop of inserted controls;

Reformat method formatting method that keeps selection;

AddTextNLA method;

LoadTextFromStream, LoadTextFromStreamW;

Events: OnItemHint, OnProgress.

New item properties

additional string properties: hint, alt text, image file name; a set of methods supporting them: TRichView's GetItemExtraStrProperty and SetItemExtraStrProperty, TRichViewEdit's GetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty, SetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty and SetItemExtraStrPropertyEd (this set of methods is similar to methods working with additional integer properties);

rveoNoHTMLImagesSize additional integer property


Added: rvpaoKeepLinesTogether and rvpaoKeepWithNext Options for paragraph style.


rvtoIgnoreContentWidth and rvtoIgnoreContentHeight options for TRVTableItemInfo.Options;

AssignProperties method;

better table layout algorithm.


TRichView.RTFReadProperties.ExtractMetafileBitmaps allows extracting bitmaps wrapped in metafiles.

output RTF file size is greatly reduced;

a number of small improvements in RTF import and export.

HTML export

SaveHTMLEx is modified to conform "HTML 4.01 Transitional" standard, see;

improvements in CSS export;

SaveHTMLEx  saves characters of "Symbol" font as HTML entities (like &alpha;);

better saving of RTF-like tables (with CellHSpacing=CellVSpacing=-1 to simulate 1-pixel width border) with SaveHTMLEx, or SaveHTML with rvsoForceNonTextCSS in the Options parameter;

ImagesPrefix parameter of SaveHTML/SaveHTMLEx can contain a full path (determined by the presence of ':').


added: PreviewMode property.


added: OnDrawCheckpoint event

Database controls

OnLoadDocument event for TDBRichViewEdit.

OnNewDocument and OnLoadDocument for TDBRichView.

Other improvements


rvoNoCaretHighlightJumps in EditorOptions;

faster redrawing on typing;

better processing of bidirectional text;

ApplyTextStyle, ApplyParaStyle, ApplyStyleConversion, ApplyParaStyleConversion are applied to cells of all selected tables;

all TRichViewEdit methods for inserting one item return boolean value: True if the item was successfully inserted (insertion can fail because of protection). You can use SetCurrent*** methods to set additional properties of this item after the insertion.

support for soft (optional) hyphens (WideChar($AD)) and zero-width spaces (WideChar($200B)) in Unicode text. Normally soft hyphen is invisible. It is displayed as a hyphen only if line breaks is after it.If rvoShowSpecialCharacters is in Options, it is shown as "not" sign (WideChar($AC)), like in MS Word. Unlike spaces and paragraph marks, soft hyphens change their widths when switching normal/show-special-chars modes. So call Reformat when switching these modes. Processing of these characters may slow down formatting of Unicode text. If you do not need them, activate RVDONOTUSESOFTHYPHENS in Zero-width spaces are processed correctly even if this character is not present in the font.

RVF (RichView Format) forward compatibility improved.