New in version 1.7

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New in version 1.7

Compatibility issues

TCustomRichView.DeleteLines is renamed to DeleteItems.

If you assign non-default values to extra item properties, saved RVF files will not be opened with applications that use older version of RichView.

OnDrawPageBreak event has additional parameter. If you already use this event, you must change declaration of event handler manually.

All references to TImageList were replaced with TCustomImageList. Especially important: parameter of OnRVFImageListNeeded was changed; if you already use this event, you must change declaration of event handler manually;

FirstIndent is not applied to line starts inside paragraphs ( Shift + Enter ).

DeleteUnusedStyles has a new parameter (deleting list styles).

GetWordAt parameters are changed.

Accessing invalid item in RVStyle.TextStyles and ParaStyles does not cause "List index is out of bounds" error any more.

OnHTMLSaveImage is called for background bitmap; this may affect old code that assumes ItemNo is always an index of item.

Declarations of some types are moved in other files.

Format of CSS was slightly changed to support list styles.

The main new feature: paragraph lists (bullets and numbering)


Methods of TCustomRichView:



Methods of TCustomRichViewEdit:




New options for HTML export rvsoMarkersAsText.

New parameter in DeleteUnusedStyles (deleting list styles)

Extra integer properties for items (stretching, transparent color for bitmaps, etc)

Methods of TCustomRichView:

SetItemExtraIntProperty changes value of property (without document reformatting);

GetItemExtraIntProperty returns value of property.

Methods of TCustomRichViewEdit:

SetItemExtraIntPropertyEd changes value of property, updates the document;

SetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty the same for item at the position of caret;

GetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty returns value of property of item at the position of caret.

Soft page breaks (preliminary implementation)

Methods of TCustomRichView:

AssignSoftPageBreaks, ClearSoftPageBreaks - displays/hides soft page breaks

Property of TRVStyle


Other improvements in TCustomRichView

New methods:

DeleteParas deletes the specified paragraphs, updates the document;

GetLineNo returns line for the specified position;

GetWordAt (parameters are changed);

GetItemAt returns item in the given coordinates.

New events:

OnItemAction occurs on operations with item;


New properties:

RTFReadProperties.ConvertHighlight, LineBreaksAsParagraphs.

New Options for HTML export: rvsoUseCheckpointsNames.

New Options for RVF: rvfoSaveLayout, rvfoLoadLayout.


OnSaveHTMLExtra, OnSaveRTFExtra allow saving additional information in HTML and RTF.

Other improvements in TCustomRichViewEdit


ApplyParaStyleConversion (and OnParaStyleConversion event) implements commands like "change paragraph alignment", "increase indent", etc.

InsertText, InsertTextW have additional optional parameter;

GetCurrentLineCol returns line and column at the caret position;

ConvertToPicture, ConvertToHotPicture convert picture to hot-picture and vice versa


Modified: Boolean

New EditorOption rvoDoNotWantShiftReturns.

Other improvements in TRVStyle

InvalidPicture picture that used instead of invalid or missed pictures;

InvalidItem for TextStyles, InvalidItem for ParaStyles are returned when accessing item which is out of index range.

New properties of text style (TFontInfo):

Options affects HTML and RTF export

New properties of paragraph style (TParaInfo):

new protection Option rvpaoDoNotWantReturns.

Improvements in TDBRichViewEdit


Improvements in TRVOfficeConverter

ExcludeHTMLImportConverter, ExcludeHTMLExportConverter;


ErrorCode returns error code for the last import/export operation.

Improvements in TRVPrint

OnPrintComponent is optional since this version;

ClipMargins property disallows printing on margins;

headers and footers: TRVPrint.SetHeader, SetFooter, HeaderYMM, FooterYMM.

reading headers and footers from RTF: TRichView.RTFReadProperties.SetHeader, SetFooter, HeaderYMM, FooterYMM (update: these properties and methods are deprecated now; use TRichView.SetHeader, SetFooter, DocParameters).


ColorMode allows black&white and grayscale printing and preview;

Improvements in all visual controls of the package

UseXPThemes - allows using WindowsXP themes (visual styles)

Improvements in tables

Global variable RichViewTableGridStyle: TPenStyle drawing invisible table borders.


SetCellVisibleBorders sets VisibleBorders property for the cell.


HeadingRowCount defines table header;

new Option rvtoRTFAllowAutofit.


OnCellEditing allows to prevent cell editing;

OnDrawBorder custom drawing for cell borders.

New help topics

Valid Documents

Custom Drawing

Examples for DBRichViewEdit

New overview: Item Types

More examples and cross references.


Better RTF import (including import of inserted symbols, Unicode paired quotes and dashes), better IME support, better Unicode text processing, faster formatting, and so on.

Packages for D7 and CB6.