New in version 1.6

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New in version 1.6

Compatibility issues

TRVPrint.OnPrintComponent event has changed type of Sender parameter (from TRVPrint to TCustomRVPrint). If you use this event in your existing projects, change type of this parameter in your handlers for this event.

Parameters added in TRichView.DeleteUnusedStyles.

Changes in TRVPrint

new: TRVPrint.TransparentBackground

new: TRVPrint.GetFirstItemOnPage

new: TRVPrint.MirrorMargins

Changes in tables

Vertical alignment of cells (cells' VAlign and rows' VAlign, SetCellVAlign and SetRowVAlign of table).

BorderColor and BorderLightColor of cells allow to override default values (see also SetCellBorderColor and SetCellBorderLightColor).

Ability to hide table grid in editor (new option for table Options rvtoHideGridLines).

Ability to print table background in white (new option for table PrintOptions rvtoWhiteBackground).

New table Options rvtoCellBelowBorders and rvtoOverlappingCorners.

Tables with rvtoEditing excluded from Options now ignore commands for cells clearing and style applying.

Hidden sides of borders can be shown as dotted gray line (if rvtoHideGridLines is not in table Options). Previous versions show grid only for zero-width borders.

New components

rvofficeconverter TRVOfficeConverter allows using Microsoft Office converters

rvreporthelper TRVReportHelper reserved for future use.

HTML export

New options rvsoImageSizes, rvsoForceNonTextCSS.

RTF export

You can save hyperlinks in RTF, using OnURLNeeded event (update: this event is removed in v17; use OnWriteHyperlink).

New option for saving RTF files rvrtfSaveEMFDefault.

RTF import

new: reading hyperlinks: OnReadHyperlink event;

reading tables (see also: RTFReadProperties.AutoHideTableGridLines);

reading external images (see important note for using third-party graphics formats);

new: ignoring hidden text (see RTFReadProperties.SkipHiddenText).

Horizontal scrolling

new: HScrollPos, HScrollMax, OnHScrolled.

Visual effects and formatting

new: TRVStyle.InactiveSelColor and InactiveSelTextColor;

new: CharSpacing property of text style.

DB Components

DB components can display RTF and plain text fields.

new: TDBRichViewEdit.FieldFormat allows to edit RTF and text fields


New component-editor (click RichView and choose "Settings..." in popup menu) allows to set properties related to updating styles.

New methods of TRichViewEdit: InsertStringTag and InsertStringWTag.

Parameters are added in TRichView.DeleteUnusedStyles.

Essential styles can be marked with Standard property.

TRichView.SearchText and TRichViewEdit.SearchText now searches in table cells.

Hypertext works automatically in read-only editors (user does not need to press and hold  Ctrl ).

Editor can hide caret in read-only mode (new option in EditorOptions - rvoHideReadOnlyCaret).

Methods for loading text files understand page-break characters (characters with code $0C).

Methods for loading text files can be used for Unix text files (with #$0A characters separating lines).