New in version 22

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New in version 22

Compatibility issues

In FireMonkey, TRVGraphicFM (also accessible as TRVGraphic) is an abstract class now. Actual classes representing images are inherited from it (such as TRVRasterGraphicFM, also accessible as TRVBitmap)

TRVGraphicClass declaration is changed for FireMonkey

RAD Studio 12 Athens

Delphi and C++Builder 12 are supported.


TRichView supports Skia4Delphi. It is included in RAD Studio 12, or can be downloaded from (version 6 is required).

In FireMonkey (add fmxRVSkiaFM unit in your project):

support of Skia canvases

PDF saving methods for TRVPrint and TRVReportHelper (see below)

SVG image (see below)

In VCL (add RVSkia unit in your project):

SVG image (TSkSvgGraphic is registered as SVG class for RVGraphicHandler)


New platforms:

Linux 64-bit. Requirements: Delphi 10.3 and newer, FMXLinux 1.74 or newer.

iOS 64-bit. Requirements: Delphi 10.4 and newer.

iOS Simulator ARM 64-bit. Requirements: Delphi 11.2 and newer.


DocX and RTF

Since this version, TRichView can load DocX files and streams even in old versions of Delphi, see requirements.

New event OnReadField allows custom processing of RTF and DocX fields.

Reading and writing of footnote and endnote numbering types in RTF and DocX. Reading is disabled by default, assign RTFReadProperties.ReadNoteNumberingType = True to enable.


Saving: new option for TRichView.HTMLSaveProperties.ImageOptions: rvhtmlsioImageSizeAttributes.

Loading: new property TRichView.HTMLReadProperties.XHTMLCheck turns XHTML stricter syntax checking on/off.


[FireMonkey with Skia4Delphi] New methods: TRVPrint.SavePDF and TRVReportHelper.SavePDF.


SVG images are supported using Skia4Delphi. FireMonkey: TRVSvgImageSkiaFM class (include fmxRVSkiaFM unit in your project); VCL: TSkSvgGraphic (include RVSkia unit in your project).

New formats are added in TRVGraphicType: JPEG XR and WebP. RVGraphicHandler.LoadFromStream and GetDataGraphicType can detect these formats.

[FireMonkey] RVGraphicHandler.GetFileDialogFilter returns a file filter string that includes both bitmap and non-bitmap (such as SVG) formats that can be loaded.


Change: Table.DeleteEmptyCols and DeleteEmptyRows keep selection in the table.

New tab alignment: decimal align to align floating point numbers in columns.

New property for images: rvepSmoothScaling, it allows to turn smooth scaling on/off.