New in version 21

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New in version 21

This topic included changes introduced in v21.1.

Compatibility issues

TRichViewEdit.SetItemTextEd (and related methods) calls OnItemTextEdit event.

TRVStyle.SaveCSS and SaveCSSToStream parameters changed (rvcssUTF8 is removed from AOptions, new Encoding parameter is added).

TRichView.SavePicture has a new parameters: InlineImage, IsBackgroundImage.

For macOS,  Ctrl  was changed to  Command  in default shortcuts and for hyperlinks activation in editor.

Deprecated methods and classes

HTML import: TrvHtmlImporter and TrvHtmlViewImporter classes are deprecated: use the new HTML loading and insertion methods.

HTML export: SaveHTMLEx, SaveHTMLToStreamEx, old versions of SaveHTML, SaveHTMLToStream are deprecated. Use the new HTML saving methods.

HTML import (new)

Starting from this update, TRichView can load, insert and paste HTML.

New property: TRichView.HTMLReadProperties.

New methods:

TRichView.LoadHTML, LoadHTMLFromStream;

TRichViewEdit.InsertHTMLFromFileEd, InsertHTMLFromStreamEd;

TRichViewEdit.PasteHTML, CanPasteHTML.

New event: TRichView.OnImportFile.

LoadFromFile, LoadFromStream, Paste methods support HTML.

TDBRichView and TDBRichViewEdit components support HTML.

HTML export

Old HTML saving methods are deprecated.

New property: TRichView.HTMLSaveProperties.

New methods: SaveHTML and SaveHTMLToStream. They use properties from HTMLSaveProperties and DocParameters.

Ability to save images inline inside HTML instead of external files.

HTML export is updated to use more CSS features.


Markdown import and export support images stored inline inside Markdown text instead of external files.

New option in TRichView.MarkdownProperties.SaveOptions: rvmdsoInlineImages.

New methods for loading and saving

LoadFromFile/LoadFromFileEx load a file with format detection.

Design time

An update checker: a design-time tool that can check if a newer version of TRichView is available. It works when IDE starts (if allowed), or when the user choose "Check for Update" in components' context menu.

LiveBindings (DXE2+)

New TRichView property: Document. This property can be linked to a DB field using LiveBindings. It contains sub-properties defining properties of this link.

The events OnNewDocument, OnLoadDocument, OnLoadCustomFormat, OnSaveCustomFormat were moved from data-aware controls to their parent classes (because they are used for LiveBindings as well).


Android 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported (in Delphi 10.4 and newer).

If PopupMenu property is not assigned,TRichView and TRichViewEdit controls display a standard popup menu.

Live spelling check can be made both using third-party spelling checkers, and using a platform spelling check service (if available, see CheckSpelling property). Suggestions for corrections can be shown in a popup menu (automatically for a standard menu, or using AddSpellingMenuItems for a custom menu). Suggestions are requested either from a platform spelling check service, or using OnGetSpellingSuggestions event.

"SmartPopup" button can display not only a menu, but TPopup component (Popup property).

Almost all FireMonkey demo projects were redesigned to fit screens of mobile devices.

For macOS,  Ctrl  was changed to  Command  in default shortcuts and for hyperlinks activation in editor (see rvoCtrlJumps in TRichViewEdit.EditorOptions)


New IgnoreContentHeight property of table cells.

Text search without selection

The new method TRichView.StoreSearchResult allows storing the position of the last found string from OnTextFound event. This position can be used as a staring point for the next call of TRichView.SearchText/TRichViewEdit.SearchText, if rvsroFromStored/rvseoFromStored is included SrchOptions parameter.

Custom drawing

New event TRichViewEdit.OnDrawCurrentLine allows to highlight the current line.


New optional parameters (ImageWidth and ImageHeight) in methods: TRichView.AddPicture and AddHotPicture, TRichViewEdit.InsertPicture and InsertHotPicture.