New after version 19

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New after version 19

Compatibility issues

To use equation objects with the free version of Adit Math engine, RVBasicMathWrapper must be included in project.


New methods for loading Markdown in TRichView: LoadMarkdown, LoadMarkdownFromStream, and inserting in TRichViewEdit: InsertMarkdownFromFileEd, InsertMarkdownFromStreamEd.

For LoadFromStream, you can choose loading either a plain text or a Markdown (a new optional parameter is added).

Details are explained in the topic about TRVMarkdownProperties class.

Equation document objects

Both the free and the commercial version of Addit math engine are supported in TRichView equation objects.

To use the free version (included in TRichView setup), add RVBasicMathWrapper unit in your project.

To use the commercial version, add RVAdvMathWrapper unit in your project.

Other new features

new list counter types: lower Greek and decimal-leading-zero for paragraph numbering.

new global variable RichViewCtrlUpDownScroll, specifies how Ctrl + Up and Ctr + Down keys are processed.

HTML saving improvement: for paragraph numbering, values of auto-calculated counters are saved only if it is necessary