Classes of TRVReportTableItemInfo Properties

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Classes of TRVReportTableItemInfo Properties

Classes of TRVReportTableItemInfo Properties

TRVCrossTab – cross-tab properties;

TRVReportColorChangers – a collection of TRVReportColorChangerItem items; a type of BackgroundColorChangers property; allows changing colors of cells depending on values;

TRVReportValueVisualizers – a collection of value visualizer items; a type of BackgroundVisualizers property; allows drawing diagrams on cells backgrounds;

TRVRowGenerationRules – a collection of TRVRowGenerationRule items; A type of RowGenerationRules property; associates a data query with table rows.

TRVReportTableCellData – a table cells, accessible as ReportCells[,] property.

Classes of Properties of Properties

Classes of TRVCrossTab properties:

TRVCrossTabLevels – a collection of TRVCrossTabLevel; a type of Levels property; specifies cross-tab levels;

Classes of TRVRowGenerationRule (and TRVRowGenerationNestedRule) properties:

TRVRowGenerationNestedRules – a collection of TRVRowGenerationNestedRule items; A type of SubRules property; associates a data query with several cells of the parent rule.