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Preferred width for the cell

property BestWidth: TRVHTMLLength;

This is a preferred width for the cell, measured either in Units of the linked TRVStyle component (pixels or twips) or in percent.

It corresponds to <td width> in HTML.

A direct assignment to this property cannot be undone/redone by user, use table.SetCellBestWidth.

The cell can be wider than this value, if it's required to display its contents without overlapping. Cell always has enough width for displaying the widest its item + CellHPadding*2 + paragraph indents (FirstIndent, LeftIndent, RightIndent) (if rvtoIgnoreContentWidth is not included in table.Options).

The cell can be narrower than specified in this property, if the table is not wide enough.

Default value:


See also properties:


See also properties of table:


Options (rvtoIgnoreContentWidth option).

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Table Resizing.