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Preferred width for the table.

property BestWidth: TRVHTMLLength;

This is a preferred width for the table, measured either in Units of the linked TRVStyle component (pixels or twips) or in percent.

The table can be wider than this value if it is required to display its content without overlapping.

If BestWidth is undefined (=0), RichView tries to calculate the table width basing on its cells. In this version RichView can do it only if all columns have widths defined in TRVStyleUnits (have at least one cell with BestWidth defined in TRVStyleUnits, and do not have cells with BestWidth defined in percents). Otherwise BestWidth=0 works like BestWidth=-100 (100%).

This property corresponds to HTML <table width> attribute.

See also undo of assignments to table properties.

Default value:


See also:

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