TrvActionItemProperties.ActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions

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TrvActionItemProperties.ActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions

ActionInsertTable specifies the "insert table" action for applying default properties to.

UpdateAllInsertTableActions allows applying to all actions "insert table" actions on the same form/datamodule.

property ActionInsertTable: TrvActionInsertTable;

property UpdateAllInsertTableActions: Boolean;

If "Default" checkbox is checked, when properties are applied, they are assigned to "insert table" and "insert horizontal line" action as well, so they become default properties for new tables / lines.

If ActionInsertTable is defined, properties are applied only to this action. If this link is not defined, they are applied to the first found TrvActionInsertTable action on the same form/datamodule (if UpdateAllInsertTableActions=False), or to all TrvActionInsertTable actions on the same form/datamodule (if UpdateAllInsertTableActions=True).

Note: Report Workshop includes an additional action for inserting a report table: TrvrActionInsertTable, inherited from TrvActionInsertTable. If you want to apply changes both to instances of TrvrActionInsertTable and TrvActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions must be True.

Default value

UpdateAllInsertTableActions = True

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TrvActionTableProperties.ActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions