TrvActionTableProperties.ActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions

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TrvActionTableProperties.ActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions

ActionInsertTable specifies the "insert table" action for applying default properties to.

UpdateAllInsertTableActions allows applying to all actions "insert table" actions on the same form/datamodule.

property ActionInsertTable: TrvActionInsertTable;

property UpdateAllInsertTableActions: Boolean;

If "Default" checkbox is checked, when properties are applied, they are assigned to "insert table" action(s) as well, so they become default properties for new tables.

If ActionInsertTable is defined, properties are applied only to this action. If this link is not defined, they are applied to the first found TrvActionInsertTable action on the same form/datamodule (if UpdateAllInsertTableActions=False), or to all TrvActionInsertTable actions on the same form/datamodule (if UpdateAllInsertTableActions=True)

Note: Report Workshop includes an additional action for inserting a report table: TrvrActionInsertTable, inherited from TrvActionInsertTable. If you want to apply changes both to instances of TrvrActionInsertTable and TrvActionInsertTable, UpdateAllInsertTableActions must be True.

Default value

UpdateAllInsertTableActions = True

See also

DefaultChecked, DefaultPersistent