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Occurs when new style is added.


  TRVAddStyleEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRichView;

    StyleInfo: TCustomRVInfoof object;


property OnAddStyle: TRVAddStyleEvent;

(introduced in version 11)

This event occurs when a new style is added (to TextStyles, ParaStyles, or ListStyles collections of the linked TRVStyle component) as a result of:

RTF (Rich Text Format) reading (both loading and insertion)

RVF (RichView Format) insertion;

(if style templates are used) auto-correction of ParaStyleTemplateId property of text styles;

(in editor) changing the current text style on keyboard language change (see rvoAutoSwitchLang in EditorOptions);

(in editor) ApplyStyleTemplate, ApplyParaStyleTemplate, ApplyTextStyleTemplate;

(in editor, if style templates are used) when a user presses  Enter  (because of applying NextId property of a style template).

Notes about additional components:

HTML importers call this event;

RichViewActions do not call this event, they use TRVAControlPanel.OnAddStyle instead.