New in version 12

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New in version 12

Compatibility issues

Assignment to PageBreaksBeforeItems requires reformatting even if the given item starts a paragraph (because it clears text flow around side-aligned items).

OutlineLevel property allows saving headings in HTML and RTF, so be careful if you assumed that saved HTML and RTF files do not have headings.

Some existing code may assume that the text searching functions can select a substring only in a single text item. While the new behavior (searching in multiple text items) requires specifying a new option in the parameter of SearchText methods explicitly, GetRVSearchOptions and GetRVESearchOptions functions always return this new option.

Left- and right-aligned objects

Two new values are available for TRVVAlign type: rvvaLeft and rvvaRight. They can be used for all non-text items, except for tables, breaks, tabs, list markers, footnotes and endnotes.

New methods are available for accessing vertical alignment:






Properties and methods for controlling text flow around side-aligned images:




Showing invisible characters

New options for RVVisibleSpecialCharacters allowing to display/hide lines for floating objects, paragraph directions, printing options and outline levels.

New colors can be defined in TRVStyle:




New property in paragraph style: OutlineLevel defines headings.


New option of text searching (rvsroMultiItem for TRichView.SearchText, rvseoMultiItem for TRichViewEdit.SearchText) allows the searched string matching substrings of several text items.

New event in TRVStyle: OnAfterApplyStyle.

New event in TRichView: OnGetItemCursor

New property in TRVLabelItemInfo: RemoveInternalLeading

New methods in TRVOfficeConverter: IsValidImporter allows checking a file before importing.

New values in TRichView.RVFOptions and RVFWarnings (rvfoIgnoreUnknownCtrlProperties, rvfwUnknownCtrlProperties)