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TRichView Overview

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Parts of Documents

RichView Item Types Overview

RichView Items' "Checkpoints" Overview

RichView Items' "Tags" Overview

RichView Hypertext Overview

RichView Paragraphs

Borders and Background of Paragraphs

Styles and Style Templates

Hidden Text

Basic Operations

Building RichView Document

Scrolling in RichView

Selecting Part of RichView Document

RichView Clipboard Functions Overview

Searching and Replacing in RichView and RichViewEdit

Obtaining Items of RichView

Modifying RichView Items


RichViewEdit: Inserting items in position of caret

Undo/redo in RichViewEdit



Animated Images

Smooth Image Scaling

Semitransparent Objects

Saving and Loading

RichView Methods for Saving and Loading

RichView Format (RVF) Overview

Export of RichView Contents to HTML


Unicode in RichView

Bi-directional text in RichView

Spelling Check

Live spelling check

Important Technical Information

Viewer vs Editor

Controls, Documents, Items

Valid Documents

Units of Measurement

Custom Drawing

TRichView Cursors

RichView Format (RVF) Specification

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