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  Delphi/C++Builder/Lazarus Controls in TRichView


Documents with inserted Delphi controls is a unique feature of TRichView.
You can insert any Delphi control and it will work just like on a form (with one exception – it will be positioned in a proper place inside the document by the TRichView).

Documents with inserted controls (with all their published properties) can be saved in files or database fields in a special format (RichView Format) or XML.
TRichView provides events so that programmers can write code for exporting controls to RTF, DocX and HTML, and printing.

Inserted controls: TMediaPlayer and TPanel, displaying AVI movie

Inserted controls: TButton, TEdit


Optionally, Controls can be resized with the mouse:

Resizing TButton control

Or they can be resized using finger gestures (on touch screens):

Resizing TEdit control in FireMonkey Android application

Additional Information


An editor with ability to insert TButton, TEdit, TOLEContainer controls: Demos\*\Editors\Editor 1\
A compiled demo project is included in “TRichView Showcase”

Tutorial (tutorial 1, project 4): Demos\*\Tutorial\

Additional Information from the Support Forum

In the examples with AVI, SWF and WAV, media files are stored directly in document (in RVF format).

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