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Several editing features in TRichView deserve a special mention: undo/redo, protected text, and drag and drop.

Undo and Redo

All operations in TRichViewEdit can be undone and redone. The undo buffer can contain a virtually unlimited number of operations for undo and redo.
You can undo typing, insertion and deletion of contents, operations on tables, etc.

Protected Text

Text protection is very flexible in TRichView. You can:

  • protect text from modifying (but it still can be deleted as a whole),
  • protect text from deleting (but it still can be modified),
  • protect text from modifying and deleting,
  • disallow insertion between two text fragments,
  • make whole paragraphs read-only, and more...

Drag and Drop

TRichView uses system (OLE) drag&drop interfaces. You can drop files from Windows Explorer, a hyperlink from Internet Explorer, and rich text to and from Microsoft Word.

TRichViewEdit accepts data in the following formats:

  • RVF (internal format)
  • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • text (ANSI or Unicode)
  • hyperlinks (both target and title, if available)
  • images (bitmaps, DIB, metafiles)
  • files (RVF, DocX, RTF and text files and images are inserted automatically; you can write a code for inserting files in custom formats)

TRichView provides data in the following formats: