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So, I started a new standalone blog about development of TRichView and RVMedia components.

We already have Facebook and Twitter blogs, and post announcements about new version on the forum. Why do I need a standalone blog?

There are many TRichView users who are interested in keeping their copies of our components up to date, and they want to read about new releases.

Facebook and Twitter are good for small posts without details. Also, it’s very easy to overlook our announcements in their feed.

We have a newsletter for our customers, but we send it only 2-3 times in a year, informing only about major releases. These newsletters contain only a summary, while in this blog I plan to discuss new features in detail. And the newsletter is not available for unregistered users who are interested in our components.

Information about new versions is posted in the Announcement forum, however, it’s not easy to monitor it.

The main advantage of this blog is email subscription: you can receive emails about new post. You can subscribe using the form at the right side. This feature is powered by follow.it service.

I hope this blog will be useful for you.

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