RVMedia 8.1

RVMedia has been updated to version 8.1. In this update, we added a new TRVCamRecorder.VideoEncodingParameters property. It contains low level properties for video encoding: GroupOfPicturesSize, MaxBFrameCount, ReferenceFrameCount. There are some fixes and tweaks.

Webcamera in Linux (Ubuntu)

Ann: RVMedia 8.0

RVMedia 8.0 has been released. A brief list of changes since RVMedia 7.0: local (USB) web cameras: new TRVWebCamProperties component, displays a dialog for editing properties of the selected local web camera; methods and properties for changing properties of local web cameras (such as brightness, contrast, etc.); more camera video modes are supported in Windows; added support …

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RVMedia send file

Ann: RVMedia 7.5 – faster data transfer

RVMedia 7.5 has been released. A trial version is available: https://www.trichview.com/downloadA full version can be found in the protected section of this forum (or an old setup can check for updates and download a new version). In this version: faster data transfer in TRVCamSender, TRVCamReceiver, TRVMediaServer components, especially for large files and video frames better sound …

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FFmpeg Logo

FFmpeg 4.3.1 problem

FFmpeg library is used by our RVMedia components to display and to record videos. You can download FFmpeg for Windows here: https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/ Currently, the latest “stable” version of FFmpeg is 4.3.1, but please do not use this version. Unfortunately, it may crash when displaying videos. Use the newest available FFmpeg version, or previous stable releases, …

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