Exposure properties for a local camera in Linux FireMonkey

RVMedia 10.1 – RAD Studio 12

We’ve released RVMedia 10.1.

A trial version can be downloaded from https://www.trichview.com/download/

This update is free for customers who ordered RVMedia in 2022 and 2023, and for customers with active RVMedia subscription.

RAD Studio 12.

Delphi and C++Builder 12 are supported (Windows and Linux platforms)

Improvements for Linux USB webcams

More properties for local cameras are available in the camera properties dialog (for Lazarus and FireMonkey): exposure, pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris (of course, if they are supported by the camera driver).
PTZ control works for PTZ local web cameras in Linux.


If TRVCamera.Latency = 0, frames are processed more efficiently, without placing to intermediate buffers. This change may increase FPS for some cameras. The default value of Latency is changed to 0 (compatibility!)
(Latency > 0 could be useful for relatively low-FPS cameras with unstable connection, where frames are received at irregular intervals)

  • Other changes

Improvement in detection of Foscam cameras.

Coming soon, in the next update

1. Drawing and scaling video frames using Skia in VCL version, if Skia4Delphi is available. It should be faster, smoother, and use less CPU resources.

2. FFmpeg 6 support.

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