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TRichView 22.2 – Markdown in database

TRichView 22.2 has been released.

Main changes in this version:

  • ability to use Markdown in data-aware components and in LiveBindings
  • ability to specify a text code page in all methods and components that load/save text and Markdown
  • more properties controlling saving and loading Markdown and text to/from DB

Additionally, this update includes several fixes and tweaks for file saving and loading operations.
Some changes were made to compile in Lazarus 3.0 without warnings and hints.

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1 thought on “TRichView 22.2 – Markdown in database”

  1. We updated TRichView compiled demos: . ActionTest and ReportWorkshop demos were recompiled with Delphi 12 and Skia4Delphi (to support additional graphic formats like SVG). ReportWorkshop demos were recompiled using the latest version of third-party DB components (AbsoluteDB, ElevateDB, NexusDB)

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