Caret moving in TRichView editor (Android, Delphi 12)

TRichView 22.0 – RAD Studio 12 and Skia

We have released TRichView 22 and related updates of all TRichView add-ons (including RichViewActions, ScaleRichView, and ReportWorkshop). Main changes in this version: A trial version can be download here: This update is free for customers who ordered TRichView (ScaleRichView, ReportWorkshop) in 2022 and 2023. RAD Studio 12 Athens TRichView (and add-ons) supports Delphi and C++Builder […]

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Paragraph dialog, 200% zoom, 16pt font size

TRichView v21.7.2 – dialog scaling

TRichView havs been updated to version 21.7.2 This is mainly a maintenance update that fixes some bugs related to import and export (including an important fix in DocX export). But it introduces new features in RichViewActions. Dialog scaling TRVAControlPanel.DialogZoomPercent property. It allows scaling all dialog windows displayed by RichViewActions (including dialogs of ScaleRichView and ReportWorkshop).The main

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TRichView 21.4

We’ve released TRichView v21.4. Trial versions are available here: This update includes improvements in FireMonkey Linux version, many small improvements requested by customers, updated UI translations, fixes. FireMonkey for Linux: copying several formats to the Clipboard The standard FireMonkey Clipboard service does not allow copying several formats to the Clipboard at the same time, so

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FireMonkey database demo in macOS

TRichView 20.3 – LiveBindings

We’ve uploaded new versions of our components: TRichView 20.3, ScaleRichView 11.3, ReportWorkshop 4.1 Trial versions are available here: The new feature of this update is LiveBindings support.LiveBindings requires Delphi or C++Builder XE3 or newer (but some features can be used in Delphi or C++Builder XE2).LiveBindings is not available in Lazarus. FireMonkey does not include special

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TRichView update checker

TRichView 20.2 – update checker

This update fixes several bugs and introduces an update checker.This is a design-time tool that can check for new available TRichView, ScaleRichView, and ReportWorkshop versions. An Internet connection is required (otherwise it fails).This version checker is included in VCL and LCL versions. When Delphi/Lazarus IDE starts the first time after installing TRichView, a version checker

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Table properties: exact cell height

TRichView 20.1, ScaleRichView 11.2

We’ve updated TRichView and ScaleRichView. Again, this is mainly a maintenance release, but with some new features. 1. New IgnoreContentHeight property for table cells. If True, only the height specified in BestHeight property is used, a height of content is ignored.This option is supported in RichViewActions UI (cell height “exactly”/”at least”). This option can be saved and loaded in

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