RVMedia multi-viewer

RVMedia 9.2

RVMedia 9.2 has been released.

Trial version can be downloaded from https://www.trichview.com/download/

This is a minor update with few new features.

New features

1. New mode of redrawing of TRVCamMultiView component. It is activated when assigning a positive number to the new RefreshRate property.
Standard (old) mode: a multi-viewer is repainted on each new frame (VCL: new frames are drawn directly on window canvas; LCL: area of a changed viewer is repainted; FireMonkey: the whole multi-viewer is repainted)
New mode: a multi-viewer is repainted no more than RefreshRate times in a second (still, only changed viewers are repainted in VCL and LCL).
This mode is especially useful in FireMonkey and Lazarus.

2. New video encoding format: H.265 (AKA HEVC, High Efficiency Video Coding)

3. Video scale with FFmpeg is fixed and improved: now you can specify one side (either width or height), the second size will be calculated to keep aspect ratio. There are several advantages of pre-scaling video using FFmpeg instead of stretch-drawing it in video viewer:
– it is faster and takes less CPU resources
– it is performed in a background thread
– you can choose a scaling method (quality vs performance).

Compatibility issues

TRVCmd class (describing a command that is sent by TRVCamSender to TRVCamReceiver or TRVMediaServer) and related classes are moved to the new unit (MRVCmd.pas for VCL and LCL, fmxRVCMD.pas for FireMonkey).
Demo projects are updated accordingly.


RVMedia installer is updated, and now has the features that already can be found in TRichView setup.
New: the trial installer is compatible with RAD Studio Community edition (that does not have command line compilers).

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