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TRichView + Adit Math Engine 2.0

TRichView setup includes a free version of Adit Math engine, + an equation document item and an equation editor dialog, see the announcements:

Recently, a new commercial version of AME has been released.

Adit Math Engine adds support for mathematical expression render to Embarcadero® RAD Studio Delphi® Visual Component Library (VCL). No DLL’s, no ActiveX, no third party libraries dependencies, only pure native Delphi code. Supports 32 and 64-bit Windows. It is compatible with TRichView’s RVMathItem.

What’s new in AME version 2.0:

  • Full LaTeX support (without limitation in version 1.0)
  • Support comments
  • Verb command
  • Character class commands (mathord, mathbin, …)
  • Font size commands (tiny, small. huge, …)
  • Fixed size delimiters commands (big, Big, …)
  • Modulus commands (mod, bmod, …)
  • Rule commands (rule, Rule, Space)
  • TeX infix commands (above, abovewithdelims, …)
  • Enclose commands (cancel, sout, …)
  • Shift and move commands (lower, raise, moveleft, …)
  • Support for TeX dimensions (em, ex, in, …)
  • Solid and dashed lines in matrices
  • Ability to change matrix spacing
  • LaTeX environment support (align, alignat, …)
  • Fixed bugs


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