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TRichView 19.1, ScaleRichView 10.1

New versions of TRichView and ScaleRichView have been released.

DocX import

Shades of theme colors were not imported (were imported as pure theme colors). Fixed.

Bidirectional text

This version improves support for right-to-left layout in TRichView and ScaleRichView.
If the editor’s BiDiMode = rvbdRightToLeft, then:
– line selection works on the right margin (previously, it was disabled in RTL mode)
– in ScaleRichView, if pages are arranged in multiple columns, pages in each row are ordered from right to left (it’s especially important in the new read/side-to-side mode)
– in ScaleRichView, left and right values of PagePosProperty.AlignPageH are exchanged.


1) Previously, both Delete and Backspace keys cleared content of selected cells.
Since this version:
– Delete clears selected cells, like before
– Backspace deletes rows (if rows are selected) or columns (if columns are selected), or the whole table (if all cells are selected). For all other types of selection, it does nothing.

Sometimes it’s undesirable to allow quick row/column/table deletion, so there is a possibility to turn off this feature.
If you assign the global variable RichViewTableAutoAddRow = False, it prevents not only adding rows by pressing Tab in the last cell, but also deletion with Backspace.

2) Since this version, table deletion, table.DeleteSelectedRows, table.SelectedCols do not work if this operation would lead to deletion of protected items in cells.

Other changes

Minor changes in drawing placeholders for text boxes.
New global variable: RVAlwaysShowPlaceholders: Boolean = False. If you set it to True, text box placeholders will be always drawn, even if rvoShowSpecialCharacters is excluded from RichView.Options.

View modes in ScaleRichView

This update includes several fixes for switching view modes in ScaleRichView and drawing pages in a read mode.
A new page transition effect is added: “PopUp”. It works like “Stack” effect, but page popup/down movement is amplified to the maximum.

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