TRichView + DevExpress ribbon

New controls for integration with DevExpress VCL

TRichView 19.3 includes a new demo and new components for integration with VCL components developed by Developer Express.

The new demo is in \ThirdParty\DevExpress\Demos\Ribbon\
It shows how to use TdxRibbon with TRichViewEdit.

These components are free for customers of TRichView and DevExpress VCL.

Font comboboxes

This demo uses RichViewActions, a set of components and actions for building UI for a rich text editor.

RichViewActions include TRVFontComboBox and TRVFontSizeComboBox: comboboxes for changing font name and size. These comboboxes can be linked to TRichViewEdit and work automatically.
But they do not look good on a DX ribbon, so we added to new controls: TdxBarRVFontNameCombo, TdxBarRVFontSizeCombo.
These controls cannot be found on the component palette; they are designed specially for DX toolbars and ribbons. To add them on TdxBar, right click it a designtime and choose them from “Add Item” submenu of the popup menu.


Color pickers

This demo includes a helper class TRVDXSubItemColorPickerHelper.
It allows building a ribbon gallery for choosing colors (and, optionally, opacity), and linking it to a color-picking action.

By default, when the user clicks “More Colors…”, RichViewActions display a TColorDialog’s dialog.
This demo uses TRVAdxColorDialogInterface component to use TdxColorDialog instead.


Table insertion

This demo does not use a ribbon gallery for table insertion.
Instead, it shows how to position RichViewActions’ table insertion window to the proper place.


Popup menu

RichViewActions includes TRVAPopupMenu – a popup menu that builds itself automatically depending on the context.
But it does not look consistent with the DX ribbon, so we added a new component, TRVAdxRibbonPopupMenu.

This component is not inherited from TPopupMenu, so we cannot assign it to RichViewEdit.PopupMenu property.
But this is not a big problem.
We use TRichViewEdit.OnContextPopop event to display it.


Other features

This demo also shows how to:

  • maintain a list of recently opened files
  • change DX skin, and apply this skin to TRVRuler
  • display a progress of a long operation in a TdxRibbonStatusBar section
  • switch the editor DPI (zoom)


Plans for future updates

  • combobox (and/or gallery) for choosing named styles, an analog of TRVAStyleTemplateComboBox
  • live spelling items in TRVAdxRibbonPopupMenu
  • the second set of TRichView toolbar images in this demo
  • modern versions of an application menu for the ribbon
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