TRichView 20.3.1 – TRichViewXML improvements

We’ve updated our TRichView setups to version 20.3.1.
These setups still contain TRichView 20.3.

This update includes a minor change in RichViewActions (datamodules with toolbar images were fixed for compatibilities with older version of Delphi) and major changes in RichViewXML component.

RichViewXML allows loading and saving TRichView document as XML files. They are like RVF (RichView Format) files, but human-readable.

Changes in RichViewXML:

  • options to save XML files without definitions of named styles (StyleTemplates), to allow using the same collection of named styles in multiple documents (StyleTemplates should be stored elsewhere).
  • detecting graphic type by content
  • option to ignore incorrect images (corrupted, missed files, unknown format, etc.), replacing non-background images with TRVStyle.InvalidPicture.
  • calling events on saving and loading external images (OnSaveImage2 and OnImportPicture)
  • option to ignore incorrect indexes of text, paragraph and list styles.
  • loading and saving properties that were added in recent TRichView updates
  • option to store images from TImageList as a pair of ImageList.Tag and ImageIndex (for bullets, hotspot, list levels) . On loading, OnRVFImageListNeeded event occurs. New property StoreImageLists (=False) activates this option. This way of saving is supported both in VCL/LCL and in FireMonkey versions
  • ability to exclude unnecessary properties (such as RVFOptions, RTFOptions, EditorOptions, Options) from saving and loading from XML. New property StoreProperties lists all these additional properties that are saved and loaded
  • some code clean up

Note: most of new features are controlled by TRichView properties designed for RVF (RichView Format).
In future, I plan to add an option to ignore almost all RichViewXML properties and using the same properties for RVF and XML formats.

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