QR Codes in ReportWorkshop

Example: How to Display QR Code in ReportWorkshop

A new example is posted on the support forum: https://www.trichview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12065

It contains a unit that implements a new field type: “qrcode”

This unit uses Zint Barcode Generator for Delphi, free open source barcode generator.

This is the first version of barcode field object for ReportWorkshop. It supports only QR Codes, and generates results as TMetafile (so it is VCL-only)

This unit implements “qrcode” field type to display text values as QR Codes.

The simplest syntax:

{FIELDNAME qrcode}

This field type has an optional format string, in form of space-delimited list property=value, with supported properties:

  • size – image size in pixels (default – 100)
  • color – foreground color (default – black)
  • backcolor – background color (default – white)
{VALUE qrcode "color=darkred size=200"}

I plan to extend this unit:

  • to allow generation of all types of barcodes supported by Zint
  • to support more output image formats
  • Lazarus compatibility
  • more parameters in format string
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