VCL styles in WYSIWYG editor component

TRichView 20.0.2, ScaleRichView 11.1

We’ve updated TRichView and ScaleRichView.

This is mainly a maintenance release, it contains several fixes and optimizations.

However, there is a new feature (that should be implemented a long time ago): support of VCL themes in TSRVScrollBar component. This scrollbar can be used as a separate component (both inside a form and inside a document), and it is used as scrollbars for TSRichViewEdit (WYSIWYG text editor component).
Other changes were made to improve support for VCL themes in ScaleRichView.

Note 1: TSRVScrollBar may have different appearance:

  • it may use ScaleRichView skins defined in TSRVSkinManager component
  • if not skinned, it may have a modern simple appearance / classic appearance (SRVControlStyle property)
  • in classic appearance, VCL and Windows themes may be applied (UseXPThemes property)
  • if themes are not applied, it has a classic appearance, that can be 3D or flat (Flat property)
  • you can use events to draw it yourself

Note 2: VCL themes are applied to TSRichViewEdit by default, but only to user interface parts. To apply themes to a document itself, ViewProperty.UseVCLThemes must be True.

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