Table properties: exact cell height

TRichView 20.1, ScaleRichView 11.2

We’ve updated TRichView and ScaleRichView.

Again, this is mainly a maintenance release, but with some new features.

1. New IgnoreContentHeight property for table cells. If True, only the height specified in BestHeight property is used, a height of content is ignored.
This option is supported in RichViewActions UI (cell height “exactly”/”at least”).

This option can be saved and loaded in RVF, RTF, and DocX files.
In the previous version, it was possible to set this option only for the whole table (without support in RichViewActions UI, and without DocX and RTF support).

2. In ScaleRichView, an option to print metafiles as bitmaps is added. It may be useful for PDF printers or libraries.

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