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TRichView 19.1, ScaleRichView 10.1

New versions of TRichView and ScaleRichView have been released. DocX import Shades of theme colors were not imported (were imported as pure theme colors). Fixed. Bidirectional text This version improves support for right-to-left layout in TRichView and ScaleRichView.If the editor’s BiDiMode = rvbdRightToLeft, then:– line selection works on the right margin (previously, it was disabled …

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Report Workshop + ScaleRichView in read mode

Ann: TRichView 19, ScaleRichView 10, ReportWorkshop 3

We’ve released TRichView 19, ScaleRichView 10, Report Workshop 3. Trial versions are available: full version can be found in the protected section of the support forum (or old setups can check for updates and download new versions). This update is free for customers who ordered in 2019 and 2020. Main changes since the last major …

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Webcamera in Linux (Ubuntu)

Ann: RVMedia 8.0

RVMedia 8.0 has been released. A brief list of changes since RVMedia 7.0: local (USB) web cameras: new TRVWebCamProperties component, displays a dialog for editing properties of the selected local web camera; methods and properties for changing properties of local web cameras (such as brightness, contrast, etc.); more camera video modes are supported in Windows; added support …

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Equation editor

TRichView + Adit Math Engine 2.0

TRichView setup includes a free version of Adit Math engine, + an equation document item and an equation editor dialog, see the announcements: … f=6&t=8639 (about the item) … f=6&t=8696 (about the equation editor). Recently, a new commercial version of AME has been released. Adit Math Engine adds support for mathematical expression render to Embarcadero® …

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TRichView and Lazarus 2.0.10

Changes necessary to install TRichView 18.6 in Lazarus 2.0.10: In RVDragDrop.pas, in TRVDropSource.SetData, the Medium parameter must be “var” both for FPC and Delphi (finally, FPC has corrected IDataObject definition) If you’ve got an internal compiler error when compiling RVStrFuncs.pas, remove “inline” for all functions in this unit. These changes will be added in the …

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